Episode 9: Maura Murray

Kurt and Krista dive down the rabbit hole of the Maura Murray missing persons case.

Episode 8 – Area 51 with Special Guest James Bohn

Kurt and Krista welcome special guest James Bohn to discuss the mystery and theories surrounding Area 51.    

Episode 7 – Shadow People (Special Guest Joe Horstmeier from Paranormal Palaver)

Joe from Paranormal Palaver drops in to discuss shadow people.  The team slowly starts slipping down the rabbit hole of other topics.

Episode 6 – Missing 411

Kurt and Krista can’t get enough of this topic.  More to come on the Missing 411 in future episodes.

Episode 5 – Mothman

Kurt and Krista talk about Mothman.

Episode 4 – Elisa Lam

The hosts dive into the deep dark waters of the Elisa Lam case.

Episode 3 – Reality

Kurt and Krista tackle the deep and somewhat confusing topic of reality.

Episode 2 – Investigations

The hosts talk about their shared experiences as paranormal investigators.

Episode 1: The Blue Whale

Kurt and Krista discuss the mysterious online game.